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Chevy 350 engine Block Casting Number: 14010207 Head Casting Numbers: 482824 Engine Code: V1101FRD Partial VIN: unreadable. 4-bolt main truck engine used 1980-1985. 2pc rear mains. This engine was a runner when I took it in less than 6 months ago. I ran it on the stand and did a compression check. Oil pressure looked good.

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1987-1995. GM 5.7 / 350/ 260HP Complete with oil pan, front cover and valve covers installed. 4 bolt main, 1 pc rear seal, flat tappet cam, valve covers bolt thru center, steel front cover. 12 bolt intake. Casting number: 548, 526, 148, 638. ATK-VMA2. 350. The 1967 Camaro also brought the world the first 350-cubic-inch small-block Chevy V-8. This engine would eventually be used in passenger cars and trucks in nearly every imaginable level of.

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8,939 Posts. #4 · Dec 22, 2010. 4-bolt main blocks started production in 1968. last year for a 327 in the states was 1970 (GM-Impala line) last year for a 327 overseas was 1977 (GM-Opel Diplomat 275hp) large main cast and forged steel cranks for 327 could be installed in a 350 block, would be interesting if factory made.

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Watching: 4. Views: 203. 350 4 bolt main. I had this at a machine shop many years back when I lived in Vegas and was messing around with dirt tracks. Bored 30 over. Can bearings were installed. Crank was turned. Heads were finished. Unfortunately it was 20 years ago so its gonna need refreshed to have a good engine.

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So, the 350 engine is bigger. But, depending on the year of the block, the main difference between the two is the journal size. Was the Chevy 327 Engine Ever Made with a Four-Bolt Main? No. Chevy never made a 327 four-bolt main. But this can be done by making one with a large journal 327 crank and putting it in a four-bolt 350 block.

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