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Here are the requirements for having an estate for your Free Company. Have one of your characters reach level 50. Be a seconded Liuentent in the Grand Company of your choice. The Grand Company.

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Medium. Sparrow's FFXIV Housing. Hello! I'm Sparrow, I'm a house designer in FFXIV, and this is my portfolio. I am based on Balmung. If you are a Crystal homeowner and are interested in commissioning me please check the Info page above. Message me on Discord at Sparrow#6768 with questions! And, if you are interested in learning more about.

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First off, FFXIV housing prices can range from 3 - 4 million Gil for a small house to 40 - 50 million Gil for large plots. Having saved enough in the bank, you next need to know when exactly.

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Step 1: Pinterest. Unsurprisingly, home design in FFXIV is a big thing. Like people commission other people with real money to design their homes big. Which means that there's a lot on Pinterest to serve as inspiration! I keep a board on my Pinterest account to save tutorials and inspiring designs, then organize them by what rooms I'd want.

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Based on distance, this will cost 150 gil. Image: Square Enix via Polygon. To fast travel to any Aetheryte you've attuned to throughout the world from the map screen: Open up your map, and find.

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