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I forgot my friends birthday reddit

I let her tell me about what happened, let her open up about her feelings. We slowly became great friends. She shows me picture of her son, and talks about him often. The whole time having no clue I knew all the details and was the one who pronounced him. I’ve gone in almost every morning for 2 years and 10 months..

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My advice (even though you don't really ask for one) is to talk with him. Tell him you feel sad and disappointed and why you feel this way, I'm sure he will understand :) Oh and there is something important to the end: HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) and a happy Valentinesday. Even it is just from a stranger ^. level 2.

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Answer (1 of 6): * be honest with him/her about what happened. * Explain to them what was going on that took precedence over checking your Facebook feed or your calendar to see that it’s their birthday..

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Me [22 M] with my best friends, they forgot my birthday Non-Romantic I don't know if I'm overreacting or just being plain silly. But it was my birthday a week ago, I turned 22. Two of my closest friends , both of whom are overseas, didn't say anything to me - in fact, they haven't spoken to me at all. "/>.

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'Best friend' didn't remember my birthday but bought a present for their other friend Friend went crazy because I forgot when their birthday is show 10 more Sad Is it reasonable to be slightly annoyed at friends who didn't wish me happy birthday? Forgot about my GF's birthday and now she won't answer my calls A Friend My 21st. Male..

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