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Ldap filter by ou

As an answer to this for posterity: Quote: ldap_access_filter = (| (groupMembership=cn=Linux_Adm,ou=services,o=vault) (groupMembership=cn=CommEngineers,ou=services,o= vault)) where "groupMembership" is the LDAP attribute that establishes group membership (which in NDS is called.

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What's strange is that the same credentials and search filter works with the Softerra LDAP Browser Microsoft's LDP.EXE test utility. My understanding is that LDP.EXE uses the same underlying ADSI COM components as the DirectoryServices assembly. ... Authenticated as dn:'uscrdn=usc.edu.xxxx6tr 7,ou=accou nts,dc=usc,dc=edu'. **** SEARCH OUTPUT. Issue creating an LDAP search filter on NetScaler. The following is the LDAP search filter used: (|((extensionAttribute11>=0)(extensionAttribute3>=0))) Solution. To resolve this issue remove the main parenthesis. NetScaler adds this parenthesis automatically. Was.

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You can use the below ldap search filter and achieve the desired results. memberOf=CN=webexsocialusers,ou= security groups ,dc=corporate,dc=test,dc=org In the above example, AD group name is webexsocialusers, ou is security groups and domain is corporate.test.org Hth, Mo. Nov 16, 2011 · Get-ADUser-LDAPFilter "(|(memberOf=*searchstring ....

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so I set up the LDAP filter to display OU with the name ''External' by doing (name=External*). I also need to have another OU displayed, but no matter what I put in the OU fields, it isn't being displayed. How do I join LDAP filters so OU's with different name show? for instance the other OU is OU=Ops,OU=Resource, DC=domain, DC=com.

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## The LDAP user must be able to list users and their groups. lenses.security.ldap.user = "cn=lenses,ou=Services,dc=example,dc=com" lenses.security.ldap.password = " ... When you create an LDAP user in Lenses, the username will be used in the search expression set in lenses.security.ldap.filter to authenticate them. If no user should be allowed.

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