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Pwm fuel pump

2016. 7. 26. · IDENTIFYING PWM FUEL PUMPS. We’re going to use a 2008 Subaru Forester equipped with the turbocharged 2.5L engine to illustrate this month’s Diagnostic Solution. In most cases, a PWM system isn’t equipped with a.

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PWM freq is 120 Hz. A DVM was also used. On DC scale, voltage was 10.2 V. So duty = 10.2/13.16 = 78%. Analyzing PW signal, voltage at pump drops to zero, then increases to 5V and holds there for a while (with no current to pump), then increases to ~13V with current ramping up to 14.9A (100 mV/A scale on clamp-on meter). So, you could run 18V with a PWM controller to give the voltage and therefore the flow and pressure you need and change it as the fuel demand changes. Just know that running a 12V pump on 18V will be hard on it and it won't last as long. The pump will be seeing around 30% over design voltage. RE: DC Fuel Pump Controller.

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Holley Terminator X Foxbody kit (550-937F), Can to USB cable, GM 3bar MAP sensor (12592525), Areomotive adjustable fuel pressure regulator, a fuel pressure transducer and Deka 60lb/hr high impedance fuel injectors. - In.

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I have a nozzle sized to 15% of the total fuel injector size, and a 12 volt 10 amp (rated) DC pump that I wish to PWM off the fuel injector earth signal from the ECU. As a result, as the injector signal increases (anywhere from 0-100% and 0-60hz as an example) the pump's duty cycle and pressure will roughly match, giving a more proportional flow than an on-off system.

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The Fix: Adjusting PWM threshold RPM. Under the PWM fuel pump control in Pro-tuning settings on the handheld, I had to turn down the threshold RPM for the internal relay to turn on the pump 100%. Default setting was 2500 RPM, I had to change it to 1500. In my understanding, this setting should've been covered redundantly in the fact that FiTech.

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