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These movies feature grownups getting into plenty of Christmas shenanigans, from stoner comedies like Harold and Kumar and The Night Before through to dark comedies like The Ref and The Family Stone. The Night Before. Year: 2015. ... Available on: Starz. Christmas movies for kids.

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STARZ Schedule • October, 2015 ... Former gangster and movie producer Chili Palmer makes his. way into the hip-hop record business, encountering. eccentric - and violent - personalities. With Vince Vaughn, Cedric The Entertainer, more. Sequel to Get Shorty. October 2019 Movies: Gemini Man • Zombieland 2: Double Tap • Joker • Countdown • Jojo Rabbit • The Addams Family • Jexi, movies released in October 2019. ... The stoner icons who first hit the screen 25 years ago in Clerks are back! When Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting an old movie based on them, the clueless.

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«Элис вверх тормашками» (англ. Alice Upside Down) — фильм, снятый на основе серии романов «Элис» писательницы Филлис Рейнольдс Нэйлор.Съемки проходили в школе Maplewood Richmond Heights Senior High в Сент-Луисе, Миссури.

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R. 2000. 1 hr 28 min. 6.2 (255,432) 48. Scary Movie is a parody film based on the popular Scream horror movies. The plot follows the movie being parodied to an extent, but goes for laughs rather than scares. Fans of slapstick and sight gags will enjoy this film. Created by the Wayans Brothers this film follows Cindy Campbell and her friends in.

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Pregnancy movies tend to go over the top with the labor and delivery scenes, and this one is no exception—the moment features lots of screaming and fainting, but it's so dramatized that it's actually pretty amusing. What to know: Released in 1995. Rated PG-13. Running time is 102 minutes. Where to find it: Hulu, Starz and Amazon Video.

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