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The writer is considering deleting sentence 7

Kept, because it helps explain why X-rays are used in CT scanners. Kept, because it provides details to illustrate how a 3-D printer works. Deleted, because it contradicts the passage’s information about digital blueprints. Deleted, because it.

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But, um, it would impact the overall message. ‐ Identify more than one method used by the writer ‐ Are aware of themes and ideas Level 2 (6‐10) Supported understanding ‐ Attempts to have a clear opinion/point of view ‐ Attempts to use evidence ‐ Begins to be aware of writer/deliberate effects (e.g. mood) Level 1. Knowing what a sentence is, you can repair most fragments in one of two ways: either pull the fragment into a nearby sentence, or rewrite the fragment as a complete sentence. Ø Running for the bus, I tripped and twisted my ankle. Ø The pilots ejected from the burning plane, landing in the water not far from the ship. They immediately.

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The writer is considering deleting the underlined portion of sentence 4 (reproduced below) Throughout a couple of weeks each summer, the nymphs (juvenile maylies), which have developed underwater for the past few months, hatch into millions of mature marflies with non functioning mouths. ... Sentence 7 ( (D) Sentence 8 (E) Sentence 9 9 A.

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The writer is considering deleting the underlined portion of sentence 3 (reproduced below), adjusting the capitalization as needed. Most people can't resist immediately checking their phones each time they buzz, chirp, or chime, and scientists believe that compulsion is caused by a brain chemical called dopamine.

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The writer is considering deleting the underlined independent clause in sentence 7 (reproduced below), adjusting the punctuation as necessary. ... The writer is considering adding the sentence below immediately after sentence 1 in order to further develop the argument in the first paragraph.

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